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Capello’s England woes


Now I think I have made it quite clear that I do not support England in the World Cup, I’d quite like them to go out at the group stages so that Rooney can go home and get rested for the coming season, however I am very amused at the state of affairs within the England camp.

After the abysmal or amusing (depending on who you are) display against Algeria on Friday, Jermaine Defoe and David James were heard in interviews on Radio 5 live. Now whilst Defoe made a point out of saying how great the team is, how many world class players England have and how hard they worked (what had he been smoking, and can someone PLEASE supply me with some of it?), David James was slightly more honest, and by honest I mean slightly controversial.

David James first gave credit to the Algerian side for not wanting to lose so much it made the match a “dire spectacle”, something that he thought had been quite the trend this World Cup. The interviewer went on to tell James that the manager seems to think that England are still playing with too much pressure, to which James simply replied “Does he. Ok.” When she attempted to to ask the England goalkeeper if he agreed with this James once again said nothing except that Algeria worked hard to close England down and not give them any chances and seemed uninterested in creating chances for themselves, his most challenging part of the match having been a Gareth Barry backpass. We go on to hear how James only found out he was playing against Algeria five minutes before he got on the bus, sounding less then happy when explaining that such tactics are the prerogative of the manager. James may not have said anything that sounds too outragious, however his unhappiness adds fuel to claims that the England camp are everything but happy.

The interview in it’s full can be heard here and is about 1/3 into the programme. The beginning is worth a listen too as one of the “educated” callers go onto a rant about how England should sack Capello and put David Beckham in charge. England fans are nothing if not amusing.

Well, look at the bright side guys and girls, it could be worse, you could be French.

Sil, x