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Technology? No thanks


I have issues with England, lets face it, I’m not going to be heartbroken that they’ve gone out of the cup, I am however pissed off that as I’m writing this Mexico are losing 3-0 to Argentina.

Earlier today England went 2-0 down to Germany before Matthew Upson, making up for a less than good defensive performance, scored a goal to make them only a goal behind. Then Frank Lampard scored a goal that was disallowed, despite that a blind man could have seen that it was miles across the line.

I’m not an England fan, not by a long shot, but I do believe that disallowing that goal made England’s chances of going through to the quarter finals of the World Cup slim to none. Of course, England were mainly shit anyhow, but that’s beside the point.

Fast forward a couple of hours and once again the officials are proven to be one of the biggest let downs of this World Cup when Argentina were allowed a goal that was so far offside every single person on the field, in the stadium and watching around the world stared on in disbelief as the referee blew his whistle for a goal. Mexico are loosing 3-0 as we speak, that first goal being the main reason as to why they’re currently tumbling out of the tournament.

Sepp Blatter and FIFA need to start taking responsibility for their part in slowly ruining world football. We live in a world where technology rules the roost, yet they refuse to consider goal-line technology or watching replays before allowing difficult decisions to be made. I bet the referee in the Mexico match would have loved to have that technology be available as he was forced to watch the replay on the big screens and suffer the anger of the Mexicans as he realized what he had done.

The ball in this year’s tournament is a joke. The referees may as well consist of a line-up from the Muppet’s, and Sepp Blatter. I do not hate a lot of people, but that man’s only contribution to World Football has been allegations of fraud along with suggestions of tighter tops and shorter shorts in women’s football.

It’s time to start again FIFA, get rid of the bad seeds and sort it out, or you will only succeed in one thing, and that is distancing football fans everywhere further and further away for the sport.

Sil, x

P.S. Mexico just scored, COME ON, just need two more for extra time.