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NAAF -No Alcohol at Football?


1980 riot

I’ll be honest, for me personally, being able to have a drink at a football game isn’t really that important. In fact, having a drink in general isn’t really that important to me. I like having the choice though, yet in Scotland, that choice doesn’t exists for hundreds of thousands of football fans, as they have been told for over three decades that they are not allowed to consume alcohol before games, be served it at games, or bring alcohol to games. I am all for a control on alcohol. I am a huge fan of measures being put in place to avoid the many issues brought about by excessive alcohol intake, I am also a huge fan of a freedom to do as we wish, as long as it is legal of course, and not be discriminated against simply because we prefer a round ball to be kicked around rather than an oval one.

Jim Murphy, the Scottish labour leader, is a huge force within the discussion on allowing alcohol to resurface at football games. Although it’s difficult not to wonder if his voice would be heard more if he didn’t spend so much of his time acting like a bit of a royal court’s jester, the points that he has brought up are not only salient, but very worthy of consideration. Even though some have labelled it a ploy for votes ahead of the upcoming election (God forbid a politician should use something voters want in order to get votes, obviously that never happens), I don’t see why his wishes for a public debate should be completely and utterly ignored.

Football fans are prone to violence. Football fans when drinking excessively become more prone to committing acts of domestic abuse. Allowing alcohol at games will put a huge strain on the NHS. “Violent scenes” are still rife at games. The sport will no longer provide a child and female friendly atmosphere due to their drink fuelled foul language. Those are the main arguments against allowing alcohol to be sold at football games in Scotland. According to the likes of Shona Robison, the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport, and Les Gray, the former chairmen of the Scottish Police Federation, Scottish football fans cannot be trusted. They are a bunch of violent hooligans that if given a chance to have an extra pint before games and at half time will descend into a whirlwind of violence and destruction, topping it all off by going home and beating up their wives and girlfriends.

I’m a woman, I happen to have gone to one or two Scottish football games, at those games there were people present that were loud and sweary, some of them were even sober. As a family, my partner, my daughter and I all go to football games in England, where alcohol is allowed in the concourse and enjoyed (legally) both before and during the games. My daughter and have never been in a situation where we have felt threatened or held the opinion that the environment was bad for us because we are sensitive souls of either the female persuasion, or a child, or in the case of my daughter both. If you go to any football game anywhere in the world and you do not expect foul language and emotions running high, you’re quite possibly as thick as plank. Or you’re Shona Robison. I am simply so very sick and tired of my gender being used as an excuse for the greater good. I go to football, I swear, I get loud, my daughter sings louder than a lot of grown men do at football games, she turns six next week. Most of the women I know, wherever they live and whichever team they support, do not feel threatened when they attend football games because the bloke next to them smells like lager and every other word that comes out of the boy behind them is f*ck. Asking the opinion of women who do not attend football games, who have no interest in attending football games and who still believe that football fans act as they did in the 80s, meeting up in the backstreets for massive brawls with spanners and Stanley knives, it’s pointless. If they want an opinion, that’s fine, by all means, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but their opinion should not matter. Ask those of us who actually attend games, those of us who love the game, ask us our opinion, because we’re the ones who will continue to go to the games, and we’re the ones that will keep clubs afloat spending our money with them, not the sensitive souls sitting at home talking about how football fans are all abusive, alcoholic Neanderthals.

Football fans are violent? Religious extremists are violent, that doesn’t mean their religion is one of violence. Some football fans are violent, but they’re not violent because they are football fans, the fact that such a thing is proclaimed this day in age surely is as offensive to football supporters as religious stereotyping is to someone religious. Jim Murphy and other supporters of allowing alcohol back in Scottish football stadiums aren’t suggesting you drop bombs of hard liquor over Glasgow on a day when the Old Firm face off, in fact, I’m relatively sure that when the point is made that the decision to serve alcohol can be made on a match by match basis, the decision not to serve any when Rangers play Celtic would be a relatively easy one. The claims by Robison and Gray that this isn’t plausible and would cause a lot of extra work for the police, and that it’s simply not doable is disproved by the countries that already apply such a system, and it works just fine. It wouldn’t be a fool proof system over night, but there is no such thing.

Whilst on the subject of the police, during the 1980 cup final riots Archie Macpherson repeatedly asked “Where are the police?” and rightfully so. Whilst alcohol may have played its part in the behaviour that followed full time, as did the absence of proper policing, something that just doesn’t happen these days. Police games are policed as per requirements; the number of officers required is managed on a match by match basis, much like an alcohol license for stadiums would be. More to the point, it wouldn’t take a genius to point out that most of the games that would be an alcohol license no-no would be rather obvious. I’d even go as far as to say that despite Gray’s claims that most of the fan base of Rangers and Celtic are suffering from a bad case of paranoia, they’d understand why the police would think it a bad idea to inject more alcohol into the mixture.

There is one point that Ms Robison, Mr Gray and the various healthcare, charity representatives and general naysayers have to make that I do agree with, the drinking culture in Scotland is far from ideal. The Scottish have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, binge drinking is a big issue, as is alcoholism. This is however a cultural phenomenon, something that needs to be changed on a fundamental level. Prohibition does not solve big social issues; it simply encourages people to feed their habits or needs illegally. By saying that allowing football fans to buy alcohol when attending games encourages the unhealthy drinking culture that already exists in Scotland, it indicates that football fans once again are the issue. Being a football fan doesn’t make you a criminal, nor does having a drink in a licenced establishment put you on the most wanted list. Except in Scotland, if you’re a football fan, and you decide to go to the pub for a pint before a game, you’re this horrible person that needs to be locked up for life for the safety for the rest of humanity. Football fans aren’t to be blamed for an unhealthy relationship with alcohol that exists across Britain, and the fact that criticism isn’t directed at rugby fans that are allowed to drink alcohol, and do so excessively at matches, shows an incredible double standard. Of course, the fact that alcohol can be consumed within football hospitality areas (from which the pitch cannot be seen) indicates that it’s really just us commoners you have to worry about drinking, once again a ridiculous form of discrimination against the ordinary football fan.

I do not see the licensing laws in regards to football games changing as long as the Scottish National Party are in government, and whilst the promises to do something about it from both Labour and the Conservatives may very well just be a ploy ahead of an election they’re desperately needing votes from, it’s a change I think would be very much overdue. The tradition of having a beer and going to the football is one that goes back decades, films like Green Street isn’t a representation of what football these days is like on a match by match basis. A majority of football fans go to the game to watch their team, see their mates and yes, on occasion have a drink. They do not go to a football game, get as drunk as they can do and once their team loses go home to commit atrocious acts of violence against their spouses. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time that football fans were given a little bit more credit than what the likes of Shona Robison and Les Gray are currently willing to offer.



1980 riot

No place for women in the men’s game



I tend not to get involved with discussion about sexism in football. I have done the (very) occasional blog in the past where I have made a point of the difficulties I have experienced over the year as a female football fan, usually placing a fair bit of the blame on women themselves. I tend not to be offended or care very much about people’s opinions, and thus when I saw that Helena Costa was named manager of French Second division club Clermont Foot I made a conscious decision to attempt to avoid the backlash, and up until this afternoon I did.

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The difficulties of being a female football fan



I’m lucky in that I have plenty of friends who don’t base someone’s right or wrong opinions in regards to football on whether or not I have a penis or not, but I haven’t always been that lucky. It’s not always easy being a female football fan, but it’s something I won’t often whine about, because it has had as many benefits during my life as it has had negative experiences.

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Ker-chiiiiing, No Play – No Pay


It doesn’t matter what team you support, at some point you would have thought that someone one your team is a money grabbing whore (*cough*Rooney/Tevez*cough*), unless you’re a deluded Liverpool fan who thinks Gerrard never handed in a transfer request that is.

(Picture may not be completely relevant, but let’s face it, who doesn’t like being reminded of Rafael owning the money grabbing whore)

This Premiership season as been the worst season of football I’ve seen in a while, not one team has been consistently good, and it has made for depressing football. Players don’t seem interested, and they don’t play well with their team mates. Of course there are plenty of reasons as to why; however I’m going to chose to focus on one point, being that footballers are generally spoilt little bitches.

Think about it, they get paid hundreds of thousands of pounds EVERY month to kick a ball about once or twice a week and have a few training sessions with their mates.  When people are that spoilt, it takes away their motivation to perform. It’s like being a parent, if you give your child candy for throwing a tantrum, they’re never going to learn that in order to get a prize you have to be good little boy or girl, not spit your dummy out at every opportunity. So I say, enforce performance based pay.

Do you think players would make a bigger effort to play better if their expensive watches, fancy cars and nights with escorts depended on it? I do. The likes of Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville are a dying breed. Most footballers today do not have an emotional bond with their club, they’re doing a job, and unlike most people, they get paid more in a week than most people do in a year even when they’re absolute shit. All players go through bad periods, they’re not going to be at their best every day, we all have a bad day at the office, but weeks or even months without a decent performance wouldn’t be accepted in any other job, so why should it be done in football? Rewards encourage hard word, and perhaps if footballers were treated as what they are, employees, rather than spoilt brats fed with a silver spoon, we may all enjoy football a lot more than we do, not to mention slow down the alarmingly growing trend of more players than ever bouncing from club to club

It’s not plausible of course, but hey, a girl can dream?

Sil, x

P.S. I’m not saying all players are like this, but as passion is pushed out of the game and money continues to be thrown around, it’s only going to get worse.

It’s all about balls


Whether it’s your relationship or your football team, it seems that some times it really is much of the same.

On the good days you’ll score three or even four, on the bad days you don’t score at all or you find the other team is scoring without you being allowed in on any of the fun.

On a good day you’ll get away with a rough tackle or mouthing off, on a bad day you’ll get a red card for being caught in a compromising position although you’ve really not done anything wrong. This time, at least.

Some days you score the goal of a life time, other times you find out the goal came with syphilis. I don’t really know how you could relate getting an STD to football though. Unless you’re an Argentinean national team player/Manchester City player and your bunk buddy for away matches is Carlos Tevez.

On a good day you win the European Cup, on a bad day you slip on a wet patch and can’t fulfil your obligations.



Sil, x


Football fans are dickheads.


See. That got your attention didn’t it. Football fans are a lot of things; fickle, opinionated and conflicted. Whilst some fans have an opinion and stick to it, some change with the wind and others just have opinions that conflict each other more than someone who’s against the death penalty but would like the right to own a gun just so they could shoot the unfortunate bastard who decide to burglarize them.

For instance, I know a lot of people who would have no problem whatsoever with a gay footballer playing for their team, however I also know a lot of people who would hate it, not to mention make a big deal out of it EVERY fucking time there’s a rumour going around about a footballer whose sexual interests do not involve a 21 year old escort who’ll shag your brains out but then go on to sell your story for a couple of grand  to get her through her next tit operation. Now despite this, these same people have at least one footballer who at some point they’ve uttered the words “I’d leave my wife for him” or something to that effect. A great example of this is David Ginola at Spurs, although to be fair he did have his moments of looking a bit like a very handsome girl.

Then there’s the love/hate relationship displayed by some football fans for their club. Take for example the fans of a certain London football team (no names mentioned, however they have an unfortunate nickname related to male prostitution amongst some opposition fans), who’ve been known to boo their team. Despite being one of the top teams in the league, and on occasion when they’ve actually held the first spot. Then I suppose, you shouldn’t really expect much from fans that’ve only got the one song for their team. Booing your team is pretty much up there with leaving a match when there’s still the better part of a half to go. Seriously, you pay between £40-£80 for a ticket, plus travel costs, plus however many pints and a dodgy pie, and you’re going to leave early because you’re losing (like some West Ham fans may have realised was a bad move after they came back against West Brom at the weekend) or boo your team because you’re losing, or even drawing. You really think that is going to help your team? As for the excuse of if the team doesn’t perform it entitles you to boo them, let’s say we’re having sex and it turns out you’re a shit shag, does that mean I’m entitled to turn around and boo you? Think about it.

To be fair, as football fans, it’s our right to change our mind, to be opinionated and support our team in the way we see fit. Doesn’t mean you can’t be a right dickhead in how you chose to do it though.

Sil, x

Things That Piss Me the FUCK Off Part 1


Stereotypical female football fans.

I don’t think blokes realise just how hard it is to be a female football fan, even now when we’re in the year 2010. Most of my male mates will say that they take the female fans just as seriously as the male fans; however, that’s an outright lie. You don’t take us seriously till we’ve spent a hell of a long time discussing football with you to the point we’ve shown that we have the knowledge for you to take us seriously, and I mean one HELL of a long time.

Sadly though, our cause isn’t helped by the amount of stupid female “football fans” out there. Someone gave me a link to a blog today, football blog written by a woman. Now I’m too much of a lady to actually put the name of the blog down in writing, however, it’s exactly the kind of drivel I’m taking about. The kind that makes it harder on the rest of us. Some silly bint who thinks the easy way to blogging fame is to turn the game into something reeking of sex appeal, once again making it seem like women only watch football because there’s athletic men running around in shorts. Well, news flash, boys, there isn’t anything sexy about some dude’s hairy legs, bad hair cut (or hair transplant in the case of some, not mentioning names, but he used to play for the lesser side in Manchester) or stupid robot dancing. There’s nothing sexy about a big pay check either, that is, unless you’re a money grabbing whore (Wayne Rooney will know where I’m coming from, bless his less than averagely gifted brain). These women are the same who’ll be turning up at matches with their dads, uncles and boyfriends with their fake eyelashes and high heels that sadly in too few a case ends in broken necks.

You’re a disgrace to female football fans everywhere, and to be perfectly honest, I think we should do the entire world a favour and take you around the back of the barn and put you down like the challenged and wounded animals that you are.

There are plenty of female football fans out there, who know a lot about football, some of them are very good friends of mine and happen to know a hell of a lot more than most men I know. They spend a lot of their time getting slated for opinions simply because they’re women, they spend a lot of time reading up on news and rumours to give them an edge on the men when it comes to football, and I don’t know why they bother. I stopped doing that a long time ago. I know what I know, which is a hell of a lot, and I don’t feel the need to prove myself just because I’m a woman. If anything, when a man chooses not to take me seriously because I’m a woman talking about football, that is one less person I need to waste any of my precious time on. In the meanwhile, I’ll be more than happy doing my bit tripping up silly little bitches going down the stairs at the ground in their platform shoes.

Sil, x

Sil’s quick guide to the World Cup


A quick walkthrough of the teams in this year’s World Cup, simply because I have nothing better to do.

Algeria: No chance, but they’re generally not too bad to watch.

Argentina: Have a chance, although in my opinion probably won’t win it. Nor do we want them to win it, never mind the Hand of God, if the Argies win it Maradona’s threatened to show us the nuts and spanner of God.

Australia: Lol.

Brazil: Always a contender. Always a bunch of cheating bastards who for some reason seem to get away with murder with the referees. May win it, but probably won’t deserve it.

Cameroon: I’d love for them to do well, sadly they probably won’t do much.

Chile: People won’t expect much from them as they generally don’t know much about them, they may surprise you though.

Ivory Coast: Their star (wanker) Didier Drogba may be returning despite having a broken arm. Which pretty much says all about how good they are without him doesn’t it.

Denmark: Don’t make me laugh. Although, they’ve surprised us before, of course, that’s like nearly two decades ago.

England: Sorry people, but won’t happen. No, really. It’s not going to happen. If it does I’ll eat my hat. One of you will have to buy me a hat first though.

France: They’re shit. They’re manager is doing his best to ensure they remain shit, and to be honest I have a bigger chance of winning it taking on all the top teams, on my own.

Germany: Hell. No.

Ghana: Nah.

Greece: Bless them, but no.

Honduras: It’d be brilliant if they did, but sadly just because you’re in the World Cup it doesn’t mean you have a chance at winning it.

Italy: Usually do well in the World Cup. Shame their a bunch of facist, corrupt bastards. Come on, you know you’re all thinking it.

Japan: Not even if the other teams defended as badly as the yanks defended Pearl Harbour. (Heel heat)

North Korea: No.

South Korea: Nope. Although will probably do better than their Northern “friends”.

Mexico: Well I’m cheering for them, although not that hopeful. They’re the underdogs though!

The Netherlands: Haha. Hahaha. Yeah, right.

New Zealand: I believe one website, may have been Betfair, is giving you a 1000/1 on the Kiwis to win. I’d say it’s worth putting a quid on it, although you’d probably need a nuclear disaster affecting everyone but their team for the bet to go through.

Nigeria: Could put up some tough matches, but it won’t help them much further than the first group play if they get through.

Paraguay: Make an educated guess at how Uruguay will do, then imagine half of that and you’ll have Paraguay.

Portugal: Well, they do have Ronaldo. However, that won’t be enough and they’ll be left disappointed again. Of course a few winks here and there could lighten the whole cup up.

Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia: No, no and no. Or maybe njet.

South Africa: There is no such thing as poetic justice.

Spain: Seems the favourites, however, it remains to be seen if they can live up to the high expectations.

Switzerland: Neutral countries rarely win anything. Except for “lost” Nazi gold.

Uruguay: They’ll do OK, no better, no worse. Along with France, Mexico and South Africa they probably make up the toughest and least predictable group.

USA: They call it “soccer”, if they ever win the World Cup I think football as a sport may as well be retired.

So basically… We may end up with no winners! COME ON MEXICO!!

Sil, x

Quiet like a mouse


Is kind of how I’ve been lately really. I’m afraid life’s been rather busy lately, and it’s stopped me giving my opinion of all things great and wonderful that have been happening in the world.

There’s the weather. Pollen infestation one day, hail and misery the next. If there is a God, which I am pretty sure there isn’t, you are in so much trouble for messing me about the way you have. I wish for once England like most of the world would follow the logic of having four seasons in a year, not four season in two fucking weeks.

There’s the resignation of David Laws, who has retsigned after it became public he spent £40 000 paying his boyfriend’s rent. Well, his fella has to have one hell of a pad is all I’m saying, talk about being looked after well. Give it three months and I reckon most Lib Dem Government officials will have “resigned” due to simillar reason. Not nessessarily because they are guilty, which Laws blatantly is, but because it’d be the easiest way for Cameron to ensure his government remains a Tory powerpoint. Lets face it, at the moment it’s pretty much like watching the KKK and a Gospel choir playing happy families, and there’s no way in hell that’ll last that long. Especially not five years, however much Cameron may want to continue doing Clegg and his mates up the arse.

England beat Bangladesh in their first test match. Well, who gives a shit, watching cricket’s like cutting your wrists then watching them bleed out slowly and think of it as entertainment.

Alicia Keys is pregnant, and getting married. Jealous.

The World Cup’s coming up, and England needed Japan to score two own goals to ensure they won their friendly the other day. Yes people, we’re so good we need Japan to score on our behalf. I’m sure that’ll win us the World Cup… really… Bunch of naive twats. When we go out you’re all going to blame Rooney for not running enough, or not scoring enough, so how about you stop cheering for the player who you jeer for most of the year and just start booing him now. That way he may realise that United really is greater than England. By a landslide people.

Dennis Hopper’s passed away. Gutted. For once I’m not going to make any jokes.

In other news, we’re still in a recession, the country is run by worms who are more worthless than a lab rat refusing to test the newest shade in lipstick and I have a bad ankle.

Till next time boys and girl,

Sil, X

Top 10 unattractive qualities, men


1. Vanity. I like men who look after themselves, I love how men smell, I love it when their hair is soft and I want to run my fingers through it at any given opportunity. I do NOT love it when you spend more time in front of a mirror than I do, or your muscles are bigger than your brains. Flexing your arms and blowing kisses at the mirror? Guess it’s just you and your hand tonight, mate.

2. No confidence. Now I have been known to be attracted to arrogant men in the past. Christ knows I’ve made some mistakes when it comes to that, but truth be told, I LOVE a confident man. I love a bloke who knows that I’ll be looking at him when he walks through the room, and I love a man who knows I want him. I do not like a bloke who cannot bring himself to look me in the eyes because he’s too busy hiding in his shell because “nobody likes him”. Also fake arrogance to cover up the lack of confidence, not sexy.

3. Jealousy. I should think that everyone likes their other halves to be a bit jealous, after all insecurity often deems us to believe that partners who never get jealous just don’t care at all (guilty of being accused of that. Several times). However there’s jealousy, and then there’s we’re never leaving the house because if another man as much as looks at you I will have to kill him. Seriously mate, if I’m going home with you, be happy about that, if you don’t trust me, you don’t deserve me. It is that simple.

4. Unable to control your stare. Now I’m quite… how to put this delicately… oh fuck it, I have big tits. I walk down the street, blokes stare at my tits, that’s life. However if we’re out on a date and you spend the whole night staring at my tits rather than getting to know me, don’t expect a second date, and do not expect a blowjob as a thanks for the lovely night. I’d rather go home to my sex toys who I know love me for me, rather than the size of my chest. I’m not saying you can’t look at my tits, I’m just saying, I’ve got other body parts too, ones that you’ll never get to see or touch.

5. Dutch courage, gone mad. Now I don’t mind if you need to have a drink before you get the courage to go up to a girl, there’s nothing wrong with it. However it is incredibly unattractive to be sat chatting with your friends and some bloke pissed out of his had comes over and starts drooling whilst telling you he thinks you’re hot and then tries to snog you. Sorry mate, I aint going to be the girl whose name you can’t remember in the morning. I’m out of your league, and quite frankly I doubt it you could even get your sad excuse of a cock semi hard.

6. Sexism. Now I believe in looking after my man (or woman), I’ll cook for you and I’ll give you head when you’ve had a hard day at work, but you do NOT treat me like I’m worth less than you. I am (at least) just as smart as you and I am capable of anything you can and more (multiple orgasms springs to mind). Tell me to shut up, assume all I care about is that I look pretty for you or make demeaning comments about me in front of your mates and I promise you, you’ll be out of the picture quicker than a hooker robs a John who won’t pay.

7. You can’t make me come, or refuse to be told how to. I promise you that I will make you come hard and then beg for more, but I also promise that if you don’t make me moan, you’ll be spending months trying to find someone who can make you feel how I did. Some blokes need help when it comes to making a girl orgasm, that’s fair enough, I am more than willing to tell you just how to leave me shaking from pleasure if you can’t figure it out for yourself. What I am not willing to do is lay on my back whilst you hump me like a limp dog. Sorry mate, but if you can’t and won’t make me scream, don’t let the door hit your naked ass as I throw you out.

8. Hitting on every girl in the club. Oh please, like I am going to have any wannabe WAG’s sloppy seconds.

9. Showing everyone who I belong to. I don’t mind holding your hand, I may even give you a kiss if you behave, but I am not a big fan of public affection. Don’t go grabbing my ass and showing your tongue down my throat every fucking time you think another bloke is checking me out. Feel me up because you fancy me, not because you’re marking your territory like a rampant puppy.

10. Cheating. Don’t cheat on me. It’s like being in an antique shop, you can look but you can’t touch, and if you break anything, I will make you pay. Now I don’t really do relationships and commitment to one person, however if you expect me to play nice and not go off with someone else, I’d expect the same from you, because I promise you, if I end up with Chlamydia because you shagged some slag, if the next week I’m hitting on you… it’s only because I’m very vengeful and have something mean in mind.

Other turn offs include looking at other girls, but not admitting to it if you get caught (I don’t care if you look mate, but grow a pair eh, or at least let me have a look as well), never putting me first (I promise besides from football, I’ll prioritise you to a degree), trying to control me or thinking that no means yes. When I say something, you can count on it being exactly what I’m thinking, so don’t go generalising me and claim that women always say the opposite of what they mean. Oh, and never assume I’m like all other women, because I promise you, you’ve never met anyone quite like me.

Sil, x