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You Can Stick Your Fucking England Up Your Arse


Which is probably what Wayne Rooney would have said had he not loved his national side with a passion that the team and its fans does NOT deserve.

Instead he said “Nice to see your own fans booing you. That’s what loyal support is.” In those few  words Rooney summed up one reason as to why I never could and never would get behind England. England’s performance was abysmal, it was probably worse than that.  There was no passion in that team, there was no want or desire to win. The manager took off Aaron Lennon, the one player who seemed to be desperate for his team to do well, to replace him with the midget that is Shaun Wright-Phillips, who will only ever be a world class player in the eyes of his somewhat biased adopted father. Which leads me to believe that Capello, despite the ignorance of England fans, was never the saviour that they expected him to be.

Wayne Rooney will probably be blamed in part for England’s exit from the World Cup, and the exit will come, that I’d be willing to bet a lot of money on. West Ham’s Rob Green will be haunted by the mistake he made in the first match, perhaps more so by his own conscience than that of the England fans, but Rooney will be the man with most of the blame because he didn’t score enough goals, because he wasn’t passionate enough. Why? Because from the beginning of England’s warm up matches all that has been spoken of is the fact that Rooney’s temper is going to cost England the World Cup. He has been told to tone it down, but what the ignorant fools that watch, fantasy manage and boo England do not realise is that Rooney isn’t some miserable twat whose temper gets him the odd yellow card, and perhaps too many red cards earlier on in his career. Rooney has something that England fans fail to recognize because they haven’t seen it this millenium. It’s called passion you bunch of overbearing, self-centered, pathetic excuses of football fans.

It’s what Psycho and Gazza had, but that no one questioned back then. What changed? 1998. Beckham got sent off, and got all the blame for a terrible performance. That’s when I lost my respect for England, and its fans. That’s when you “fans” lost the right to call yourself supporters, and it’s all been downhill since then.

Burning dummies of Beckham, then cheering like there was no Tomorrow when he scored THAT free kick against Greece. That sums up England fans. Hypocrites. There are some grounds in England where you have come to expect hearing fans whose teams are in the top ten or even top five of the Premiership booing their players and team, and it seems those same people follow England, boo England. Which at least makes them consistent hypocrites.

You don’t boo your team, you don’t sneer at your players. You’re not going to encourage them to play better by booing them, and even if you may be feeling a bit pissed off that you’re watching a team that clearly does not give a fuck, guess what, that’s England, YOU decided to support them, so perhaps you should consider doing just that.

I hate England, I hate their fans. I hate John Terry, I despise Ashley Cole, I feel violent tendencies towards Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. I’m not willing to change my opinion of those vile creations of humanity just to support England, I’d rather be ravaged by hungry lions at London Zoo. I’m just glad I figured all of this out a long time ago, because I really would have hated ending up looking like a dick head like the rest of you do. The fans, the tabloids, you’re all pathetic. The team itself is pathetically overrated and lacking in all aspects.

So really, feel free, and stick your fucking England up your arse.

Sil, x