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Dust yourself off and try again JT


Oh Terry, poor poor John Terry. Not only has his attempt of mutiny bore no fruits, but his manager has basically called him a slimy dickhead (all about reading between the lines), and he has now made a public apology in the shape of an interview with the Daily Mail. Now I could be serious about this, I could analyse, write articulately about the last few days and dissect just what is happening within the England camp, but lets face it there are thousands of serious people out there, and it’d be kind of boring if we were all trying to be the next Patrick Barclay or Martin Samuel, in my case it would also be kind of impossible anatomically.

John Terry should have been dropped from the squad, his antics at Chelsea has shown what a tosser he is. He’s been given free reigns at the club that pays his wages and the heads of anyone who doesn’t bow down to King Terry has been rolling freely, yet Capello thought he could control him. It’s like looking after your friend’s spoilt child for the day and assuming that the dummy won’t be spat out the moment you say “no”, and lets face it, Johnny boy does nothing quite as well as spitting that dummy out.

Wayne Bridge should be in the squad, John Terry should be strung up by his balls and have rotten fruit thrown at his head, the one he doesn’t seem to use that is. I’m not the crusader of monogamy, lets be honest, if it wasn’t for the whole religion bit of it I’d be quite happy living in some kind of crazy Mormon camp, however there has to be limits and John Terry crossed the border into stupid land. So here’s a crazy idea Capello, why not just send Terry home? It may be a belated fuck you to the man Chelsea fans seem to believe is the “only England captain”, but perhaps you could save some face before England go tumbling out tomorrow. Not that I’m saying they can’t go through… But in case they don’t, it may be worth trying to save yourself from complete humiliation. Besides, I’m sure JT wants to get back to London and Stamford Bridge where he could commit genocide and still be seen as the second coming of Christ.

Sil, x